About Robusta


About Robusta

Empowering People to Work Smarter

Welcome to Robusta!

Robusta is a Robotic Process Automation vendor, providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes.

Robusta enables hyper-automation in organizations of all sizes with its simple-to-use, BPM-native, no-code RPA platform.

Robusta digital workforce solutions reduce costs while increasing productivity with fast, practical, flexible, and scalable products tailored to your business needs.

Our process automation platform improves the way you work with easy-to-use tools for visually managing, quickly automating and continuously optimizing business processes and workflows.

Empower your organization by automating our complex tasks end-to-end with Robusta RPA.

Contact us at info@robusta.ai for more information


As Robusta, our greatest value is innovation. We know that innovation is the best way to grow in life.


We analyze the needs and expectations of our customers accurately and offer solutions for each of our customers according to their needs.


We offer our products and services with an agile and dynamic approach in order to respond to the fast and changing needs of the business world.


We know that the most important value existing in an institution is trust. For this reason, we prioritize trust in our relations with our employees, customers and business partners.