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What is No Code RPA? How Is No Code Changing the RPA Industry?

What is No Code RPA? How Is No Code Changing the RPA Industry?

RPA and No Code are both topics that are on the rise today. Together, they can work to make automation cheaper, easier to access, and more widespread. In this article we will look at what No Code and RPA are individually and explore how a No Code RPA platform may benefit your company.

What is RPA?

RPA is a software technology that automates repetitive and boring computer tasks (previously done by humans) using software “robots” or bots. These bots are software applications that interact with the computer the same way that we do; they can use websites, read and send e-mails, move files and folder, and basically do anything on a computer that a human can. Businesses are filled with repetitive computer based tasks so RPA allows companies to save time, money, and decrease errors through automation.


Some Challenges in RPA Adoption

RPA is an incredibly versatile and useful technology that nearly every company can take advantage of. However, there are some drawbacks that hold businesses back from utilizing it. Mainly, current RPA solutions are difficult to implement and require a significant amount of coding. This forces companies to hire RPA developers, build RPA teams (commonly known as an RPA Centers of Excellence), or hire 3rd party RPA development support, making the whole process more expensive than it should be. Moreover, since the complicated development is done by experts, a small change to the system that an employee wants will add to the countless requests your company’s IT department or RPA center has to look through, and may take days to implement. This difficult, complex, and costly implementation makes the transition to RPA hard for many companies and causes them to miss out on potential opportunities.

The Solution: No Code RPA!

What is No Code?

The demand for software development, both by companies and individuals, has increased exponentially through the years. However, software development is still an expensive and tedious process requiring in-depth coding knowledge, making it hard for many businesses to take advantage of new technologies. No Code is a movement aiming to ease this development process by removing the coding part from the software development. Instead of coding, the users are able to build software by using drag and drop tools or putting together blocks through easy-to-understand visual interface. This opens up cheap and fast software applications to everyone and many believe no-code is the future of technology for this exact reason.

What Is No Code RPA?

No Code can work together with RPA to create an improved development experience. No Code RPA offers companies a way to automate their processes by writing no code at all. People use intuitive drag and drop tools to describe what needs to be automated (for example: open email → read information → write it to a spreadsheet) and the platform handles the rest. This gives the power of automation to the user’s hands and makes the process much cheaper and easier to implement. Now, if an accounting manager wants to automate something in their workload, they themselves can just open the no-code software and use the tools there to achieve automation with minimal outside support. Since the interface is easy to understand, users can tweak and change the system as they go, adapting to their business’s shifts and demands.

Benefits of No Code RPA

If your company is deciding on transitioning to RPA. No Code solutions are definitely a thing you should consider. Especially in small budget projects, No Code RPA can help you reach results quicker and cheaper.

1. No need for external personnel

Transitioning to RPA often requires additional personnel whether it be RPA developers or full-on RPA development teams. Although hiring these experts may be beneficial for large enterprises, for most companies it will be too costly of an investment. No Code solutions for RPA will allow your own employees to define and automate their own processes with a little training and guidance. By not hiring more staff your company will be saving a significant amount of money.

2. Less Training

RPA requires a decent amount of training even for people that already have programming knowledge. No Code RPA eliminates this steep learning curve, decreasing training times both for IT personnel and regular employees.

3. Shorter Implementation Time

Coding up a software bot can be a difficult process. No Code is able to speed this process up by offering a more intuitive method and pre-set command blocks, making programming your bots much quicker and definitely easier. In addition, your IT or dedicated RPA team will already have a lot of work on their to-do list. Instead of waiting for them, employees will be able to work on the processes they want. This will speed implementing new processes and ease your IT department’s workload.

4. More Agile Systems

When things are hidden under a complex system, even a small change to the process will require the assistance of expert programmers. An easy to understand interface makes changes much easier to make, allowing employees to tweak the process as their business needs develop.