Recruitment Automation with RPA

Recruitment Automation with RPA

Human capital is undoubtedly among the most valuable resources of a business. And attracting the best-fit talents and recruiting them is a particular task. So, the recruitment process comes with its challenges.

Like many other business departments, recruitment is evolving thanks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Uses of RPA in Recruitment Automation

  • Sourcing Candidates
  • Creating Talent Pools
  • Background Check
  • Document Validation
  • Contacting the Candidates
  • Scheduling Interviews
  • Candidate Satisfaction

Sourcing Candidates and Creating Talent Pools

This is the first step that RPA technology can help talent acquisition automation: managing the online sourcing process and creating the company’s database.

Bots backed by RPA can source candidates on multiple websites and job boards, reviewing resumes and other essential general information. In addition, they can extract data from sources to identify potential candidates for a specific position.

Background Check and Document Validation

Checking the validity of a document submitted by a candidate. For example, the bots can review the degree certificates or identity documents of a candidate and validate them.

Most organizations require the bots to send the documents to an applicant tracking system where background check results are performed. Therefore, checking and validating are essential tasks that can save HR departments time and help them avoid possible mistakes.

Contacting the Candidates and Scheduling Interviews

Chatbots help decrease the time for the candidates between application and receiving the first response.

Asking for helpful information about a candidate’s educational background, experience, and skills and answering their questions regarding the recruitment process are among the primary tasks of chatbots.

During the communication process, RPA bots can analyze candidates’ communication skills by deploying various analysis tools. For the candidates that are qualified enough to take the next step, RPA can also manage the interview scheduling process.


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