Automation of IT Processes with RPA

Automation of IT Processes with RPA


Automating IT operations with RPA helps you improve process quality and effectiveness, increase IT staff productivity, shorten service delivery time, decrease operational costs and systematic failure rates, and, most importantly, improve operational efficiency.

  • Backup, Recovery, and Patch Management
  • User Management
  • Monitoring User Experience
  • Resetting Passwords
  • Sending User Notifications
  • Software Installations
  • Incident Management
  • Network Support

Backup, Recovery and Patch Management

User interaction of the IT teams is needed for each step, and if they perform these tasks manually, they must be careful against accidents and losses. Therefore, automating these processes with the help of RPA can take this stress off your team members’ shoulders and enable them to work more efficiently.

User Management

Employing software robots to create accounts, and e-mail addresses, resetting passwords, and assigning roles are beneficial for end-to-end user management in the IT department. Automating user management using RPA is the most secure way of user management.

Ressetting Passwords

There can be many requests related to password resets which are also repeatable tasks, they have a classic, manual and persistent structure, and few exceptions. Consequently, the process is a primary candidate for automation. All that’s needed is to provide software robots with specific templates (request, acknowledgment, etc.), and with access to the IT service management (ITSM) tool for active directory activities.The next step is to let the robots deal with the second category of non-emergencies. By logging into the apps, robots can quickly change the password, send a new one to the user, and update the request status to “resolved”.

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