Cognitive Capabilities of Robusta RPA

Cognitive Capabilities of Robusta RPA

Intelligent business process automation with Robusta RPA’s AI-powered bots.

Robusta Cognitive Automation is the smart way of automation.

Robusta Cognitive Automation enables you to design more complex and less rule-based processes using Robusta RPA’s AI-powered bots integrated with third-party cognitive services from Google and Microsoft.
The union of RPA and AI technologies provides automation capabilities that level up business value for Robusta customers. These unique capabilities include optical character recognition (OCR), text analytics, document processing, content recognition, machine learning, etc.

Explore Robusta RPA’s Cognitive Automation Capabilities

Robusta Face Detection

Face Detection

Robusta RPA's intelligent bots can find and identify human faces in digital images and detect their positions and quantity. In addition, face recognition bots with AI functions can also identify information such as the age and gender of faces they find.
Robusta Text Detection

Text Detection

Robusta RPA's bots using text detection feature detect the text in any image edited in print or digital media and enable it to be extracted. Text detection can distinguish text characters from physical or digital documents while automatically entering, extracting, and processing data.
Robusta Language Detection

Language Detection

Robusta RPA's Language Detection bots classify documents according to both their language and character encodings. This feature enables the detection of multiple languages, allowing documents to be indexed, processed, and filtered.
Robusta Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Robusta RPA's sentiment analysis bots systematically identify, measure, and analyze emotional states and subjective information. Organizations use it in many useful areas such as sentiment analysis, customer and survey responses, and social media listening.
Robusta Label Detection

Label Detection

Computers can identify objects, locations, activities, products, and more using labels. If you want to label an object in a special area, you can classify the images by training Robusta RPA bots on that label using machine learning.
Robusta Logo Detection

Logo Detection

Logo Detection is a particular function of Robusta RPA's object detection that uses a database of thousands of global logos to detect if a specific image contains brand logos. The built-in database of logos it uses covers popular brands in consumer electronics, apparel, and more.
Robusta Crop Hint Detection

Crop Hint Detection

Robusta RPA's Crop Hints function recommends points for a crop region on an image saving you both image and file size. With this feature, you can cut pictures intelligently, create smaller versions and use them as thumbnails.
Robusta Key Phrase Detection

Key Phrase Detection

Key Phrase Detection is a technology used by Robusta RPA to identify words representing the most relevant information in the document, such as key phrases, terms, sections, or keywords.
Robusta Objective Detection

Object Detection

The object detection feature enables it to detect semantic objects of a specific class (such as people, buildings, or cars) in digital images and videos. It is used for many purposes such as image interpretation, vehicle counting, event recognition, face detection, face recognition, location determination, as well as tracking objects.

Use AI-powered Robusta RPA to process your documents.

Using cognitive functions of Robusta RPA extends the opportunities of process automation, enabling intelligent bots to make decisions while learning the role as they become valuable sources in your digital workforce.

Reducing operational costs and barriers: Working together with AI technologies, Robusta RPA can automate your legacy systems and connect your operations, unblocking all restrictions.

Arrange and process unstructured data: Robusta RPA bots with cognitive automation capabilities capture, and manipulate data from unstructured sources, making the data structured in a way you need.
Automation of business processes: With Robusta RPA Cognitive Automation, you can save time and money by automating any business process, reducing human interaction, and increasing productivity.
End-to-end customer experience: Increase customer happiness by providing quicker response times, higher accuracy, and consistent results.
Eliminate errors: Robusta RPA bots enhance the accuracy of complex tasks, decreasing omissions by learning how to control them on their own.