Robusta Announces its Partnership with SoftRobots

Robusta Announces its Partnership with SoftRobots

We are excited to announce that SoftRobots has become a business partner of Robusta Cognitive Automation. At SoftRobots there is a lot of experience in process optimization in the space of field service, sales, and logistics. With its headquarters in The Netherlands, the vision and mission of SoftRobots fits well in the strategic approach of Robusta to expand our network with satisfied Robusta RPA customers.

THE MISSION of SoftRobots

To be the pragmatic and innovative partner in operational excellence by applying a proven methodology in combination with RPA Hyperautomation for service-oriented organizations within Europe based on trust, commitment, and integrity; committed to deploying employees smarter.

THE VISION of SoftRobots

People are an important factor in the success of an organization. Deploy your people for work that they enjoy, where they add value to providing excellent services. Use a proven methodology, leave the simple daily tasks to RPA Hyperautomation and free people from the mundane. This methodical automation solution takes the waste out of the current way of working so that things get done better, faster and more efficiently. This not only gives satisfaction to your employees, but stimulates your organization towards progress and keeps your organization agile. This is what we strive for.

Welcome SoftRobots to the Robusta Partner Network.