Robusta News

KPMG Turkey and Robusta joined forces to increase the efficiency of companies’ business processes

A cooperation was signed between KPMG Turkey and Robusta Cognitive Automation that will automate the business processes of companies with robotic process automation technology and increase their productivity.

Robusta RPA Achieved 5 Stars in Capterra

Robusta took its place on Capterra, the world’s largest software comparison, and review platform.

Robusta RPA Documentation Portal Renewed

The free documentation portal, where you can find the most up-to-date information about Robusta RPA, is online with its new version!

Robusta RPA Community Trainings are starting!

Robusta RPA Community Training is starting!
In the training, we will cover basic automation processes with Robusta product setup and robotic process automation.

Our #RPA and #BPM Project with Uludağ Beverage Awarded!

The #RPA and #BPM-supported return invoice entry approval process we carried out with Uludağ Beverage was awarded at the 2022 IDC CIO Summit organized by IDC Turkey.

Women in Technology Association and Robusta

We added a new one to the training we organized together with the Women’s Association in Technology, Wtech.

Discover your RPA potential in just 10 steps

Your business processes can be assessed by Robusta Process Discovery Tool to check if the processes are eligible for RPA automation.

Robusta Launches its Amsterdam office!

The new office opening event, hosted by our CEO Murat DAYANIKLI and one of our investors, Umit Atalay, was held with the participation of our business partners and representatives in the region.

Robusta Forum is Live

Robusta Community is coming together at our new communication channel, Robusta Forum!
At the Robusta RPA Forum, you will find helpful information about best practice techniques, new product ideas, and everything you need to succeed in your RPA journey with Robusta RPA.

Robusta Discord Server is Live

Robusta Discord Server is live
Robusta RPA developers, business partners, community users meet on Robusta’s Discord Server.