Settlement and Clearing Automation

Automating Transaction
Clearing and Settlement

How robotic process automation (RPA)
will transform settlement and clearing of
the MasterCard and Visa transactions.

Automate the settlement and clearing of the transactions made over MasterCard & Visa using Robusta’s intelligent bots, and use that valuable time of over 1000 hours for priority practical tasks.

Clearing Automation
Automate the process of exchanging financial transaction details between the acquirer and the issuer to facilitate the posting of a cardholder’s account and reconciliation of a customer’s settlement position.

Settlement Automation
Automate the settlement processes by which the network facilitates the exchange of funds on behalf of issuers and acquirers.

The best way to automate international money transfer processes is to take a more agile and iterative approach to realize the most value from automating the process effectively.