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Robusta RPA

Robusta RPA: A full-featured
State-of-the-art RPA Platform

Build your automation faster and run it more efficiently, at a lower cost.

Key feature:BPM based

BPM based Intuitive and visual process modeling

With Robusta, you can easily design, view and update your processes according to the BPMN 2.0 notation.
Key feature:No-code RPA

No-code RPA

Easily build intelligent bots with a no-code design studio for hyperautomation.
Key feature:An Ultra-Efficient Architecture

An Ultra-Efficient Architecture

Light-weight robots for fast, low-resource scaling

Key Features

Key feature:Intuitive process design compatible

Intuitive process design compatible with BPMN 2.0 standards

Key feature:File, email, database level event management

File, email, database level event management

Key feature:Supports in Processing

Supports in Processing all file types such MS Office, PDF and text-based files

Key feature:Role-based process management

Role-based process management through AD/LDAP integration

Key feature:Powerful built-in OCR

Powerful built-in OCR functionality

Key feature:Secure password management

Secure password management tool

Key Feature:WhatsApp and office messenger

WhatsApp and office messenger integrations

Key feature:Powerful built-in OCR

Extensive, role based IDM functionality for managing users and access rights

Key Feature:Flexible architecture

Flexible architecture to easily connect to third party cognitive services

Key feature:An Ultra-Efficient Architecture

Support for attended and unattended robots

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Robusta’s Partner Program enables you access to the technical and training resources about automation
to support you grow your business.


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