BPM Alignment

BPM Alignment of Robusta RPA

Drag and Drop RPA Design using
BPM-Native Architecture of Robusta RPA.

Robotic Process Design in
BPMN 2.0 Standards

Business process management (BPM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) exist to improve business operations. Robusta RPA enables you to use principles from BPM to avoid the process getting stuck.
Robusta RPA is developed based on the BPM engine, and it comes with a native BPM integration. The BPMN function of Robusta RPA lets you design your processes efficiently and effortlessly.

Explore Robusta RPA’s BPM Capabilities



Easily carry out the form and process design and create decision tables through a web-based design studio.

Drag and Drop

Robusta RPA users can create flow diagrams in BPMN standards with the drag and drop function of the Design Studio.
Robusta Language Detection


Access the old versions of the processes created with Robusta RPA and switch between versions.
Robusta Sentiment Analysis


Robusta RPA users can view and share all processes in the organization among users who design processes.
Robusta Label Detection


Monitoring version changes at all stages, from designing automation processes to running them, is easy with Robusta RPA.
Robusta Logo Detection

Manage & Audit

Robusta RPA's Rule Engine allows users to manage and control business rules from the process design independently.

Use BPM-Native Robusta RPA to design RPA easily

Robusta RPA ensures that you design and run the processes under the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standards. In addition, the BPMN approach allows organizations to migrate many existing processes to RPA easily.

BPM features of Robusta RPA enable the processes designed on Robusta RPA to be exported in formats such as PDF and Word when necessary and to work in harmony with other BPM tools in your institution.