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The Robusta RPA Academy offers a range of training courses. You can complete our online courses at your own pace, any time, anywhere.

Courses are designed to help you get up to speed on Robusta RPA using step-by-step demonstrations, and examples on the most common applications.

You’ll be able to create automation workflows easily and quickly, and have the option to adjust your learning to your daily activities. Once you complete a course, you’ll receive an official Robusta RPA training certificate.

Online Courses

Discover RPA with Robusta's eLearning solution.

Learn from Experts

Learn from Experts Acquire latest skills from our experts in live virtual classes

Comprehensive Training Documentation

Leverage detailed guides for every facet of the Robusta RPA platform.

Product Training

Learn all you need to know about how to build, manage, and deploy RPA bots.

Robusta Academy

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