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What is Cognitive and Intelligent Automation?

What is Cognitive and Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent business process automation with AI-powered bots

Cognitive Automation, or also called intelligent, or AI process automation is the smart way of automation.

Robusta Cognitive Automation enables you to design more complex and less rule-based processes using intelligent bots with AI-powered cognitive technologies, based on high-level computer vision, and integration with third-party cognitive services from Google and Microsoft.

The union of RPA and AI technologies provides automation capabilities that level up business value for Robusta customers. These unique capabilities include optical character recognition (OCR), text analytics, document scanning, content recognition, machine learning, etc.

Explore Cognitive Automation Capabilities

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

In most organizations, a vast amount of paper is still used, especially in industries like healthcare and banking. Robusta RPA bots can extract text and images from paper documents and make them digital using OCR technology.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Robusta RPA Bots using NLP technology can analyze structured, unstructured, and semi-structured text data, and extract it for further analysis, providing a smart touch to enhance the user experience.

AI-Assisted Machine Learning (ML)

When process decisions can not be designed as a set of rules, Robusta RPA mimics human judgment and automates processes using machine learning.

Use AI-powered RPA to process your documents

Text Processing

  • Text Detection
  • Web Detection
  • Language Detection
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Key Phrase Extraction

Image Processing

  • Object Recognition
  • Image Properties Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Label Detection
  • Landmark Detection
  • Logo Detection
  • Crop Hint Detection
  • Explicit Content Detection
  • Tag Image

What are the benefits of Cognitive Automation?
Using AI technologies with RPA extends the opportunities of process automation enabling bots to make decisions while learning the role as they become valuable sources in your digital workforce.

Reducing operational costs and barriers: Working together with AI technologies, Cognitive RPA can automate your legacy systems and connect your operations, unblocking all restrictions.

Arrange and process unstructured data: Bots with cognitive automation capabilities capture, and manipulate data from unstructured sources, making the data structured in a way you need.

Automation of business processes: With Cognitive Automation, you can save time and money by automating any business process, reducing human interaction, and increasing productivity.

End-to-end customer experience: Increase customer happiness by providing quicker response times, higher accuracy, and consistent results.

Eliminate errors: Cognitive RPA bots enhance the accuracy of complex tasks, decreasing omissions by learning how to control them on their own.