What Is A Digital Worker and How Does It Help Businesses?

What Is A Digital Worker and How Does It Help Businesses?

What Is A Digital Worker and How Does It Help Businesses?

Intelligent Automation changes the way we work by bringing together the human force and the digital force. And digital workers are a big part of automating the workflows end-to-end.

The support of a digital worker liberates your teams to focus on complex and creative tasks. While your virtual employee deals with repetitive daily tasks, your people can boost your business more effectively.

What is a digital worker?

The powers of machine learning, AI, and RPA are evident in the business world. A digital worker adopts all these powers to obtain a human-like working system and automates business processes end-to-end. Hence, they are also known as virtual workers or virtual employees.

As pre-built virtual employees, they have their responsibilities within the workflows. Because they are intelligent automated robots, they carry out their tasks faster and without mistakes.

You may employ a digital worker in various roles, depending on your requirements. Each digital worker will be different and built with specific features. Moreover, they are cognitive and ready to learn by action and be trained when you need more features. In time, they will prioritize the tasks, just like human employees. 

Your digital worker provider can deliver them from the cloud or on location. So, you can start using them by downloading or plugging them.

The difference between digital workers and RPA

RPA is a task-centered bot that will maintain the same task repetitively. However, digital workers hold a more comprehensive role similar to specific jobs. Therefore, they perform end-to-end duties with the power of AI and machine learning in addition to RPA. 

5 Benefits of Digital Workers in a Business

Business life is constantly changing, and digital workers contribute to this transformation significantly. Therefore, workflows embracing human and virtual employees are inevitable for innovation, sustainability, and agility. 

Here are the most impactful benefits of digital workers in a business:

1. Risk management

Companies build digital workers to perform certain activities, and they will work exactly as their design requires. So, the risk of misunderstanding or misapplication disappears. They are pretty skilled; however, not enough for malicious actions. They will always be your most loyal employees and will never be late to complete their tasks.

2. Efficiency and productivity

The robots are not distracted or confused. So, digital workers will work more quickly, effectively, and seamlessly than human employees. 

When the tasks that don’t require human skills are omitted from their to-do lists, your human employees will gain considerable time. Then they can focus on more value-creating tasks to grow your business. 

3. Accuracy and Quality

A digital worker gives high performance with totally accurate and reliable outcomes, while to err is human. The results of their work will be mistake-free as AI can recognize errors in data and correct them with the provided resources. You will not need a double-check. Therefore you will save time. 

The high-quality data created by a digital worker will enhance the overall quality of workflows. 

4. Higher and faster ROI 

When you invest in technology, one of your primary targets is returning a value. Companies whose transformation was at least 50% complete against target had 67% higher revenue growth than competitor companies whose transformations were less than 50% complete. 

Virtual employees contribute to this target quickly by lowering operating costs. In addition, they will complete the tasks quicker so that you can set shorter deadlines for critical projects. Therefore, you will start reaping the fruits of your efforts faster. 

5. Scalability and business growth

As your business grows, tasks and data will increase. Scalability is a requirement for successful businesses. Automated robots can scale up quickly compared to humans. They adapt to new conditions efficiently and cost-effectively. 

They also foster business growth by working 24/7. When the digital workers need to handle more tasks in case of the absence of a human employee, they can scale up. And then scale down to minimize the cost. 

Key Takeaways

A digital worker can work hard without giving a break and getting tired. As a result, they complete many tasks in a short time seamlessly. The mistake-free outcome of their work enables your human employees to work more efficiently. 

In a nutshell, the most outstanding benefits of digital workers are

  • Easy management of the risk during the operations,
  • Increased efficiency and productivity across the company,
  • High-quality performance to enhance workflows,
  • Higher and faster ROI,
  • Scalable skills to adapt to your needs.

You can contact us to ease your routine tasks with automation technologies and learn more about growing your business with digital workers. As an RPA vendor, Robusta delivers applicable technologies for your digital transformation. Schedule a demo today to learn how you can use digital workers in your organization.