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Using RPA in Call Centers & Customer Service

The customer service processes in the call centers contain highly repetitive tasks and are often non-decision-making. The abundance of such rule-based business processes in call centers allows us to make a significant gain by automating the overall experience of call center agents and customers.

Call center employees provide data flow in more than one source simultaneously while trying to find solutions to the problems of customers who have issues. However, performing multiple tasks simultaneously can cause poor service quality, the high possibility of making mistakes, and customer dissatisfaction.

Identifying the Customer
in the CRM

RPA offers a helpful approach to data insertion and workflow. It automates application launch, mouse clicks, field entries, eliminating the need to load a detailed customer profile from multiple systems, including CRM, and switch between various applications.

Installing RPA in call centers significantly reduces the time required to identify the customer in the system and display all necessary details on a single screen. As a result, the customer representative speeds up the loading of the components, and the system-related time loss is eliminated.

Updating Customer Information
in the CRM

As the call progresses towards resolution of the problem, the agent should update the customer information in the CRM. Therefore, the agent needs to open various applications for its information to be updated on multiple systems. Manually entering data into multiple fields in different systems is a complex and error-prone process.

RPA technology allows the integration of data in various areas of the systems with a single login by the call center agent. RPA robots can perform automatic template filling, copy-paste operations, field entries and more with little human intervention. Robots eliminate the confusion and risk of error between various systems.

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