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Robusta receives investment with a valuation of $7 million

Robusta receives investment with a valuation of $7 million

Robusta Cognitive Automation, Turkey’s leading RPA company, receives investment with a valuation of $7 million.

Developing next-generation products in the field of Robotic Process Automation, the fastest-growing business software branch in the world, Robusta Cognitive Automation met with investors under the leadership of T-Gate.

Established in 2017 by Murat Dayanıklı and Mustafa Orakçı, Robusta grew even stronger in 2019 with the partnership and investment of Aydın Ersöz and Ümit Atalay.

By automating repetitive rules-based processes with a process-oriented approach, Robusta’s RPA platform provides benefits such as efficiency, accuracy, and savings for organizations of all sizes, and stands out with its ease of use. As a product with various artificial intelligence capabilities, Robusta’s RPA platform offers opportunities for cognitive automation.

Having reached over 50 customers in 2021, Robusta aims to grow in the global market and especially in Europe with the financing provided under the leadership of T-Gate.

Speaking at the investor cocktail on November 4, 2021, Robusta Co-Founder and CEO Murat Dayanıklı said: “With RPA technology, we contribute to the digital transformation of companies of diverse sizes in a range of different industries. With our no-code product, we will increase the number of our customers in many fields, including the finance, manufacturing, health, and service industries, and we will boost our current momentum even further in 2022.”

Robusta Board Member Aydın Ersöz also spoke at the event, stating that the company will use the new capital funds for its globalization plans. Expressing his satisfaction with the addition of the industry’s top opinion leaders as new shareholders in this funding round, Ersöz thanked T-Gate for their success in leading the capital transactions.

Turkish Yatırım Board Member Murat Arığ commented on the first transaction that brought the entrepreneur and investors together under the leadership of T-Gate: “We believe that we have brought Robusta together with the right investors. Our primary goal now is to have Robusta expand to London, the Fintech center of the world.”